Hi, I'm Udim Manny.

What I do!

I have a varied array of skills that create value


Ford said "thinking is the hardest job". I think through plans. Ideate. Build. And ship. Ensuring your brand stays on top of its game!


After thinking through,the harder part is building and implementing.This is what I was born for! We make the transition seamless and pleasant.


No great product was ever built and shipped first time out, I revise, improve, iterate and ship fast. Making sure your brand stays on top


Powertechnik Limited

I learnt the rudiments of Mechanical Engineering here and decided to build them a website outside of my work scope.

Start Hub

This was were I was immersed in the developer waters. I did minor edits here. This is here due to the massive respect I have for Hanson Johnson, Twale Baba!


An ex colleague founded a company and contracted me to craft them a new brand. I see Engr Obinna and team going far.


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Ike Okonkwo

Powertechnik Ltd

I hired Manny through recommendation from a mutual friend. He volunteered to build us a website after discovering we were having issues with ours. This wasn't within the scope of his duties as an Engineering Manager yet he deployed his skills to the task.

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Obinna Okwor

Project Director

I first worked with Manny as a Co Field Engineer at Powertechnik Limited, so I wasn't the least surprised by his delivery. He learns very fast. He delivered a great website at short notice. I have never been in doubt about his capabilities.

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Ernest Humble

Humble Interiors

When I felt I needed a great website to revamp our brand identity, I knew who to call on. I have known him for a while now, Manny has been my chap a long time now, he didn't dissapoint. His services are highly recommended. He is always excellent.

"Many live to make a living, few live to make a difference" - Manny

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